SABADOS is an organic, single-origin yerba mate with a smooth and flavorful taste. Whether you’re enjoying it with friends or in a moment to yourself, SABADOS yerba mate will lift you up with a feeling of clear-headed energy.


Loose Leaf Yerba Mate


Enjoy the health benefits of traditional yerba mate with the comfort of our organically grown, air-dried, and fair-trade loose leaf. It’s natural yerba mate in compostable packaging, the perfect pair!

Yerba Mate Tea Bags


All the goodness of our loose leaf tucked inside our convenient single-serving bags. Indulge in yerba mate guilt-free thanks to our biodegradable tea bags.

Lemon Yerba Mate Tea Bags


When life gives you lemons... Make lemon yerba mate! Give yourself an extra hit of flavor with our organic yerba mate and natural lemon oil blend.

Sabados Gourds


Savor our yerba mate the authentic way! Drinking from a gourd with a filtering straw is the traditional method used across South America.

Yerba Mate

A Brief History

Made from the Ilex paraguariensis plant found in the South American rainforest, this ancient drink has been consumed for centuries for its energy boost and rich flavor.


Yerba mate is naturally caffeinated and packed full of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and polyphenols. It’s got the strength of coffee and the health benefits of tea.

Where It’s Grown

Our yerba mate comes from a single-origin family farm in the Misiones province of Argentina that uses organic and ecological farming practices to minimize impact on the surrounding forest.

Why Sabados?

Every sip of smooth, flavorful yerba mate supports the family farm, tradition, and natural ecosystem in which it's grown. Not to mention it’s all wrapped up in a fully compostable package.


We’ve skipped the fire to avoid smoke and PAHs in our drying process.


USDA certified meaning the best quality yerba mate with no additives.


From our leaves to our gourds, we are supporting small businesses in Argentina.

Why Is Yerba Mate Better Than Coffee?

No jitters, no crashes

With theophylline and theobromine for a smooth caffeine kick, yerba mate won’t wind you up just to let you down like coffee does.

Skip the stress

Coffee increases cortisol which triggers a stress reflex, skip the stress by drinking all-natural yerba mate.

No acidity, no problem

Avoid the unpleasant side effects of acidic coffee with our acidic-neutral yerba mate.

About Us

We are two friends who met on a plane in Argentina. We fell in love with yerba mate after drinking it all over the country from the mountains of Patagonia to the bustling city of Buenos Aires. We’re on a mission to share the incredible benefits of yerba mate with the world while supporting the Argentine economy.


Lauren W.

"The lemon tea bags are amazing. Very balanced and delicate flavor. They are my new replacement for coffee – no jitters! "